cast in place / liquid gold

For my latest collection, I have developed a new way of working with precious stones. Shattering the norms of traditional goldsmithing, I directly set the stones in liquid gold. Going beyond the traditional technique results in pieces with beautiful imprecisions. Surrounded by an aura of antiquity, these jewelry pieces exude the magic of times long past. They’re a modern interpretation of the majestic beauty of a bygone era. Every piece is unique and one of a kind.

The pieces shown in the catalogue serve as ­examples of my work. Feel free to ask if a specific piece speaks to you. If the original piece has been sold, a similar piece can be designed upon request.

All pieces are created with 750/… gold, either rose or yellow. White gold is of limited availability. 

I’ll gladly create your own personal design. At exhibitions and events, I create jewelry on site in real time. That way, you can take part in the design process.