small and simple – Fighand goldplated yellow


chain oxydated
lenght 70cm
fighand 30mm
silver goldplated

in ancient Rome, the fig hand was a common symbol of fertility and luck and served as an amulet to ward off evil magic. It was also used as a symbol by the Germanic tribes.
Around 1494, Albrecht Dürer also depicted a fig hand on a study sheet with hands.
Fig-hand talismans are still considered lucky charms in Portugal and Brazil. They served not only to reject an imposition, but also to ward off all kinds of evils such as witches, screaming and the evil eye. Numerous amulets in the form of a hand forming the envy fig, which were widespread in southern Germany and (carved from Gagat) are sold to pilgrims in Santiago de Compostela (so-called Santiago-Fica), have an apotropaic function.



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